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The Society of Fire Protection Engineering (SFPE) NJ & NY Metro Chapters Education Foundation operates as a scholarship organization. The Foundation provides assistance to individuals interested in the pursuit of careers in Fire Protection Engineering, Life Safety and associated trades. 

Also the foundation promotes the education of individuals in these fields of study and employment through continuing education programs and other events intended to promote the interests of the SFPE in the New Jersey and New York Metro areas.  In addition to helping FPE students and promoting the field of Fire Protection Engineering through education.

Your donation to the SFPE NJ NY Metro Chapters Education Foundation is also tax deductible as the Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Scholarship Program

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 Purpose and Intent

The purpose of the James R. O'Neil/W. Robert Powers / SFPE NJ NY Educational Foundation Scholarship Program  is to promote the field of fire protection engineering and fire protection engineering technology by providing financial assistance to those individuals requiring support.

Students enrolled, or planning to enroll, in any fire protection engineering, fire protection engineering technology, or related program approved by the committee are considered eligible.

 Scholarship Fund and Awards

Scholarship award(s) may be granted by the Foundation Scholarship Committee to selected students demonstrating high academic achievement.  Award amounts will be determined by the Scholarship Committee in consultation with the Foundation Board.

Eligibility and Selection

Eligibility and selection will be based upon a combination of five independent criteria evaluated by the Committee.  Selection criteria categories are location, financial need, grade point average in area of engineering study (core-related classes only), academic year, and Committee Discretion.  The Committee shall develop, and modify as necessary, an objective selection matrix for internal use in determining the weighting of the selection criteria.

a.    Location Category

When considering location, the Committee shall show preference (5 points) to applicants that  have a permanent primary residence (not school address) from one of the following counties:

New Jersey - Morris, Warren, Hunterdon, Ocean, Passaic, Bergen, Essex, Union, Sussex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, Mercer.

New York - Bronx, Dutchess, Richmond, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Kings, Queens, Nassau, New York, Suffolk.

Connecticut - Fairfield.

Secondary preference (3 points) shall be provided to applicants from anywhere in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Applicants from outside of the stated areas will be given least priority (1 point) in this category. 

b.    Grade Point Average – (Engineering Major) - Category

The grade point average category shall be evaluated by the Committee using grades received in the major/core courses for the applicants engineering major only.  Scoring for this category shall be as follows:

            3.6 – 4.0                      -           5 points

            3.3 – 3.59                    -           4 points

            3.0 – 3.29                    -           3 points

            2.7 – 2.99                    -           2 points

            2.5 – 2.69                    -           1 point

            Less than 2.5              -           0 points

c.     Financial Need Category

The financial need category shall be evaluated based on the use of federal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.  This voluntary aspect of the scholarship application will provide the Committee with information related to verifiable financial need of the student, including the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number and the Cost of Attendance (COA) number.  Scoring for this category will be as follows.

            Significant need                                  -           5 points

            Neutral need                                       -           3 points

            No need/no FAFSA submittal             -           1 point

d.    Academic Year Category

The intent of this category is to acknowledge that students that are further along in their academic studies are more likely to continue their pursuit of fire protection engineering as a career, and less likely to change majors.  Scoring for this category shall be as indicated below, with the academic level shown being the applicants upcoming academic status at the time of application:

            Junior, Senior, Graduate Student                              -           5 points

            Sophomore                                                                 -           3 points

            Freshman (High School applicants)                           -           1 point

e.    Discretion Category

The discretion category is intended for Committee members to provide applicants discretionary points based on miscellaneous background information and content contained within the applicant’s application materials.  The maximum point allotment in this category is 5 and the minimum point allotment is 0.

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