New Jersey Chapter of the
Society of Fire Protection Engineers


Regular Meetings

Dinner meetings are held typically on the first Monday of every month, with the exception of no meetings during the months of July and August. A formal presentation is given by a guest speaker following dinner and the business portion of the meeting. Although in the early years of the chapter, attendance was typically between 50 to 90; nowadays the attendance is typically between 25 to 40 per meeting.


Note: An asterisk (*) indicates seminars sponsored jointly by both the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan Chapters of the SFPE. A number sign (#) indicates seminars sponsored only by the New Jersey Chapter of the SFPE.

Date */# Seminar Name
June 5, 1978 * Energy Conservation and Fire Protection
March 27, 1980 * Rack Storage
March 26, 1981 * Fire in the City
1982 * Fire Protection for Life Safety
1983 * Security and Fire Alarms
March 22, 1984 * New Technology in Fire Protection
March 21, 1985 * Fire Protection in High Technology Era
March 20, 1986 * Toxicity
March 1, 1989 * Computer Protection and Disaster Recovery
May 16, 1991 * Halon in the 90s
March 2 - 3, 1992 # Automatic Sprinkler Systems: The New Standard and the Evolution in Technology
May 5, 1993 * Fire Protection and the Environment
April 11, 1994 # Fire Alarm Systems
March 29, 1995 * Fire Safety in Archival and Cultural Facilities
April 1, 1996 # Special Fire Extinguishing Technologies
April, 7, 1998 # Hazard Protection and the Environment; Dust Hazards and Mitigation
April, 30, 1999 * Fire Safety for the New Millennium
April, 7, 2000 # Fire Investigation and Research in the 21st Century
April, 5, 2001 * Staying Current – Codes and Standards
Sept. 27, 2002 # World Trade Center Disaster Study
April, 9, 2003 * Staying Current – Fire Protection and New Technology Components of Fire Protection for High-Rise Buildings
May 22, 2007 # CBRNE Exposures and Risk Reduction Techniques; Pandemic Planning and Response; State of the State - Where We Are Today in NJ (catastrophic events or terrorists attacks)

The attendance at the seminars has ranged from a low of 48 to a high of 181. Many of the seminars included a trade show. The number of trade show exhibitors has ranged from a low of six to a high of 28. The net proceeds for most of the seminars were deposited to the scholarship fund.

Golf Outing

The golf outing is held annually and is sponsored jointly by the New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan Chapters of the SFPE. The net proceeds for the golf outing is deposited to the scholarship fund.

Other Functions

Nov. 12, 1977: Ladies Night Dinner Dance

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